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Our menu is crafted by our highly experienced and talented team of chefs who are food perfectionists. They prepare all of our meals using only the best, fresh ingredients and take care in creating the most palatable and enjoyable dishes just for you.

As they say, the first bite is with the eye and our chefs will make sure that your first bite is as delicious as the rest of the meal. We take every bit of care in presentation as we do preparation of our exquisite Middle Eastern food.

There’s something for everyone as we offer both vegetarian and vegan dishes that we know you will enjoy. We have also crafted delicious gluten free meals as well as our locally acclaimed traditional dishes.

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So call our friendly staff now to book your table and await a dining experience like no other. Our address is 12205 Scripps Poway PKWY Suite E101 Poway, CA 92064